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A bit about beeswax...

September 17, 2017


Welcome to my first blog. How exciting! I don't really know where to start, there is just so much to say about beeswax, its awesome!! When we began our candle making journey i was filled with nostalgic memories from childhood; feeling the honeycomb texture of foundation wax under my fingertips to inhaling the cleansing sweet honey scent into my lungs...makes me smile every time! As it does when I see someone else do the same thing at our local market stall. You know you've done it  ;)




So after the enjoyment of making beeswax candles i wanted to learn more about the many and varied uses and healthful benefits of this miraculous natural product. I already knew that burning beeswax candles was much better than paraffin or some genetic and chemically modified soy blend, (Yuk!) but to my delight i found not only was it not harmful but actually good for you. 


It turns out that all that candle making in my kitchen was healing my skin and airways and ridding the air of any irritating or harmful particulates!! Apparently, (according to a Japanese study reported by Happy Honeybee) this is to do with the amount of negative ions emitted upon combustion of beeswax being higher than other waxes...and without carcinogens. Yay! So if it can do this, what else might it be good for?




The miracle of bees and the use of their byproducts dates back since time immemorial with recent discoveries pointing to the use of beeswax even as a primordial tooth filling!


It has long been used in the orthodox church as the preferred medium for their candles. And for more personal use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household polishes, food storage, surfboard wax, instrument making.... but my favourite discovery personally has been in the alchemy of making healing balms and healthy alternatives to the often toxic products of convenience bombarding us everyday.


It turns out that the humble Cera alba is very good for the skin possibly from its vitamin A content, and when combined with other beneficial oils it can deliver its moisturising and healing properties very efficiently to improve a variety of conditions like psoriasis, eczema, nappy rash, chapped and cracked skin and is known for its good antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and mild pain relieving activity as well as providing a barrier.


So ... much more than a setting agent or candle wax! So, long story short, thus began my journey into beeswax based body products to complement our candles with our first (and perhaps favourite??) product: Manukanilla lip balm, followed by my skin soothing favourite Baby Butter.... 



...But thats a story for next time!!!




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September 17, 2017

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